Washington: US President Donald Trump emphasized the need to increase oil production from Saudi Arabia to control oil prices in the global market.

US President Donald Trump said in a message on social networking website, Twitter said that the global market value is rising rapidly, to overcome the problem, Saudi Arabia talked to Nawaawa Shah Salman They have requested oil production to increase up to 20 million barrels so that Iran and Venezuela ban oil production can be achieved.

By agreeing with the opinion of US President Donald Trump, Saudi ruler Shah Salman took a pro-government to increase oil production. After the consensus between the US President and the Saudi firm, it has been expected that oil demand in the global market will be completed and oil prices will be overcome.

It is clear that last week the global market came to see oil prices, the main reason for the economic sanctions on Iran and ongoing violence in Venezuela. The impact of oil prices in the global market can be seen in Pakistan, the government has announced increase in petrol prices at Rs 7.


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