ISLAMABAD: FBR has destroyed all the previous schemes by converting only 6-day laws to the end of the tax amnesty scheme.

FBR changed the formula for just five days before the expiry of the Tax Amnesty Scheme just five days before the scheme was removed from the schema scope, so that all the stakeholders’ schemes completed successfully. Were there

Tax administration to make changes in the rules has been made without amendment in the 2 noise rules related to the noise and the Domestic Tax Amendment Scheme, which can lead to the welfare of faith. The decision has also surpassed the hundreds of people who have benefited from the scheme, as well as the tax administration’s tax-exempt tricks.
Amnesty Scheme was brought forward by an ordinance on April 10, 2018, while the last date for benefiting from the Scheme was set up June 30, 2018. The scheme was specially offered by all the stakeholders because the country needed any foreign exchange in any case. According to State Bank officials, at the time the National Treasury had a $ 10 billion foreign exchange, which could only afford the import bill of 2 months.

FBR officials said Friday that Pakistan could collect more than $ 4 billion from the Amnesty Unit, but if the Euroscope fails, the government will face more difficulties in the import sector. Will be

These changes were made in the form of supplemental answers to the many questions asked on the FBR website. These specifications have made the difficulties accessible to the hidden and trusted country assets through the scheme, it will completely eliminate the confidence of people who were keen to do more than once a month. Those who were planning to bring their assets, reservations about the FBR’s revised policy have been worried.

Chairman FBR Tariq Pasha has told that close-up feeds of legal and tax experts have been advised that the FBR will receive at least 85 billion tax. However, these two changes, despite the fact that people were ready to show their assets, could slowly move them to prevent their files from being filmed.

Last week, FBR wrote a new explanation in the list of questions that can not be filed for the revenues file from July 1, 2017 to April 9, 2018. Because it will be counted in the tax year 2018 and it is not obligatory for the last year of the date or scheme of introduction of the Income Tax Return Ordinance for this year.

He further explained that there is no question about whether this income is a sector or secret. Explanation is contrary to the law described in the Valentine’s Day of Domestic Economic Affairs Act 2018.

Sources said that former prime minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi refused to accept the FBR proposals for the financial year 2017-18 to be removed from the Tax Amnesty Scheme, and then the elements have made these changes to eradicate all the processes through these changes. I played my role.

FBR spokesman Dr Muhammad Iqbal defended the decision to withdraw the money earned during the current financial year, saying that the FBR could not implement a tax rate on one-year revenue.


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