Harare: Pakistan lost Zimbabwe by 7 wickets in the fourth match of the T20 series.

Pakistan beat Zimbabwe by 7 wickets in the fourth match of the Indian T20 series played in Harare, and Pakistan’s innings was started by Fakhrat Zaman and Harris Sohail, following the target of 163 runs. Hafeez Sohail, who scored 58 runs, scored 58 runs while Prakash Zaman scored 47 runs but could not finish his half-century.

After the opener was out, Hussein Talat and captain Sarfraz Ahmed scored the team’s score, but Hussein Tillatkar scored 44 runs, after which captain Sarfraz adopted aggressively and played only 38 balls in just 21 balls, Sarfraz Ahmed’s innings Pakistan’s goal of 163 runs was achieved in 19.1 overs.
Earlier, Pakistan decided to win the toss against Zimbabwe and then Zimbabwe’s innings started by Safas Zuhua and Sammyam Meyer, both the openers gave the confidence of 49 runs on 49 runs, followed by Safas Zahuu 24 Sachin Meyer scored an aggressively and scored 94 runs while scoring half a century but failed to finish the series.

With Opener Slamone Meyer, Treesyie Mumpanya also used aggressive style and played 33 runs in an innings, which helped Zimbabwe 162 runs for 4 wickets in the over over.


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