As the two sides of the picture, every form of technology is also a positive and negative aspect. Consumption technology is in positive and moderate use, and other harm is likely to harm, that is why the attention of the people and the physical aspects of physical and mental disadvantages is focusing around the world. Is.

There is a lot of internet addiction. Some youth suffer from madness playing online games. The night vision on the computer screen is busy playing gameplay and eventually becomes sick. Many Internet viewers play online gambling, a large number of social media addictions, which only make day and night most of the time on smartphones or computers via Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Internet cadets have now increased another degree and it is the old currency, people associated with the corruption of the corruption. These people live online for purchasing Croatotypes online, look at their exchange rate, their brain remains in the same moment every moment, and the nuts are on the smartphone or laptop and tablets. This habitually transforms into madness. Then they do not have the consciousness around them, and the center of focus is merely a virtual currency. Drinking food and other routines are weakened from life, resulting in ultimately exposure to mental and physical health.
In China and many other countries, regular restoration camps have been established to spoil Internet addictions. Online gaming, social media genres are treated here. Now, the center of the maintenance of Corpusponsi’s business addiction has been established in Scotland. Its style is around the world.

The center, located in the Castle Craig Hospital located in the Pure Shire area, is being adopted to treat patients who are treated for treatment of those involved in treatment. The reason for this is that according to experts, bit coin transactions like experts suggest extremism, madness and human traits in human behavior that appear in sports. People associated with the corruption of the Corpuscope, are forced to look at each moment to keep track of these currencies.

According to Chris Burnon, the juvenile therapist at the hospital, the high risk associated with the business of the Corpusignee, attracts people around the currency every moment. It feels very attractive to her business and her inexperienced escape. For instance, in the recent days, bit price prices reached earth to heaven. The value of a bit coin was up to 18,000 dollars, but now it is a monkey bill. During this time, people earned unprecedented profit and suffered a lot of losses. This is a classic bible fixture.

The exact number of ‘impressive’ characters in the Corpus currency is unknown, because no research or survey has been conducted so far. However, there is an estimate that the number of persons associated with the virtual currency business around the world is one million to three million. If these people have the same effect on the business that is on gamblers, then it will definitely be a matter of concern.

In August last year, the British Gaming Association revealed that the number of people who lost their addiction to 280000 had increased from 2012 to 430000 during 2012 to 2015. That is, during the past three years, the number of people who destroyed lives on addictive increased more than 53%. If a few years later, similar figures related to the currency exchange, then the most likely will be to work on global scale to restore these people.


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