The greatest battle of the world is being fought in the races of Russia. Twenty-eight countries are involved in this framework.

‘Soldiers’, in each hand, have passed through the trauma of life and reached the place where they got the honor of ‘fighting’ from their country. However, there are some ‘soldiers’ involved in this study, which are facing extreme disadvantages in their lives, financial difficulties, poverty, domestic issues, and self-service. They were forced to spend nights on the footpath and work hard for a short time, and some parents’ mutual disputes could emotionally blow. However, they obstructed every obstacle to their goal, and eventually work in interpreting their dreams. The following lines are being mentioned in the same ‘soldiers’.

1. Jacob Blitz Kufsky (Poland)
Jacob was ten years old when he had to become a witness of the worst incident of his life. Fighting between her parents was a fight. The daylight of the day and the spark was affecting his psychology. Then when one night he saw his father being attacked by Khankar on his mother, his omen went wrong. His father was imprisoned for a 15-year jail in connection with the murder of Jacob’s mother, so she also lost her mother’s mother Mamta as well as the compassionate father.

After these events, Jacob and his elder brothers were taken by his grandfather. Fortunately, Jacob came with his uncle, captain of the national football team of Poland. Jacob’s love to play football was from the beginning. The uncle encouraged him to pay attention to his game only by forgetting all the tasty memories. The spirits of uncle sparked a new spirit inside Jacob. He started taking training of football, as well as to psychologically strengthen himself and to pursue the tremendous past, he also consulted psychologists. From here his life took a new turn. And many years later, he is representing his country in the World Cup.

2. Roberto Firmino (Brazil)

Fergino’s game played at the Medieval’s position was not less than the mirror, because his family was keen to see the study busy in the field of football. In the latest interview, Firmino has revealed that “My parents did not want me to waste time in sports, and it was a long time to get a great person by studying, when I was madness to play football.” Tired, sometimes they kept me locked in the room and lock it out, but I still did not stop. Our home conditions were very bad. Parents used to sell coconut water for nurture. In this work, I used to bend their hands, but I was still not afraid of football. ”

After all, luck was kind to Mercorus Portilla on Roberto. He was a dentist. He saw Roberto playing in a match between local clubs. The football rooted Marceles snatched that boy has the ability to become a good player. Marcelis offered Roberto to be his agent. After being played by different clubs, he became a part of the national team.

3. Gabriel Jesus (Brazil)

The 2014 World Cup was held in Brazil. Manchester City’s star was definitely a part of the club team, but it did not reach the first division’s competitions. The club received nominal compensation from which it was not possible. Say, what used to work hard labor and small fat for Gabriel’s bread bread? During the World Cup, he had a temporary job to paint on the sides of the Stadium in São Paulo.

He did not have enough money to buy a chapel, because he was busy working with brush and colored sinks in the streets of Sao Paulo, early morning and evening. Gabriel was seventy-eight. The father had long been concerned with Gabriel and his mother. Gabriel’s grandmother did her mother. Guerrillal’s life has changed in four years. In the 2014 World Cup, he drank on the naked foot side of the stadiums, now his feet are worth thousands of euros, and he is representing his country within the stadium.

4. Ali Reza Baran Vand (Iran)

Ali Raza Goal Keeper. The curtain is a long struggle for reaching the World Cup. Ali Reza’s birth was done in the house of homeowners whose time was the source of livestock. Ali Reza’s childhood and boycott ran pasting cattle. He was fond of playing football. To fulfill this passion, he gave great sacrifices. Having been relieved from the family, many years he spent a walk while traveling on the streets and footpaths. Dad used to stop playing this football, let’s explain Tehran’s dreams to return to Tehran. Here he carried out a small chubby job from restaurants to wash, to wash the vehicles. During this his nights went on the footsteps. In the day he used to play from the local club. Finally, Ali Raza’s struggle began to bring color and he joined the NATO Navy team, a large football club in Tehran. And today she is present in Russia to represent her country.


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