Toronto: The office or factories increase the chances of the disease like normal diabetes for a longer and longer period.

Long and patiently, it has revealed that continuous habit of working for more than 45 hours in a week is due to many diseases due to mental and physical stress, distress and thought, with type-to-diabetes headache. The research was conducted by Toronto Institute of Institute of Health and Health, Dr. Fisher Gilbert Omeit, which reviewed 7,000 employees and workers for 12 years of age, and during that period he reviewed the diseases related to them.

The summary of this report published in the British Medical Journal is that in the women working for more than 45 hours a week of risk of type-diabetes increases by 51%, whereas the risk of women engaged in work for 35 to 40 hours It’s too low.
In this survey, experts have noted other factors including lifestyle, diet, BMI, and smoking, but do not surprisingly have a significant impact on men, that if men work for a long time So by going ahead, the risk of diabetes increases not so much as for women.

Although non-long-term effects of long work on men are a strange thing, but women’s matter is different. They also have to take care of the office as well as care for children. These same effects have adverse effects on them and they suffer from diabetes.

On the other hand, if men do more work, they walk and walk during work and women sit for a long time, which have negative effects on their body.

Experts have also said more work means more mental stress, and hormone itself is also affected as well. For example, worries and troubles affect cartridge hormone that affects insulin in the body. Similarly mental stress also affects sleep and other routines. Experts have advised women that Agarah works long in the office so it is very important to bring it moderately.


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