KABUL: The United States has repeatedly called for a “demand for” political solution to the Afghan issue, saying that Pakistan needs to make more efforts to increase the pressure on the Taliban and bring them to negotiation table.

US Principal Vice Foreign Minister for South, Central Asia Alice Wales, while talking to reporters during a visit to Kabul, asked Doo Moore from Pakistan. He said that continuous aspects of the peace process by the Taleban and the refusal is unacceptable. Referring to jamming in Afghanistan during the Eid, he said that this move has provided an opportunity for everyone to reinforce their efforts in removing a negotiated political solution.

Alice Wales said that the Afghan government and the US are willing to set up without prior terms, and now the Taliban have to answer it, now the decision is to do the Taliban leaders who are not in Afghanistan and are barring political solution through negotiations. He said that if Pakistan does not work with us then it will be very difficult to achieve goals for us.
Meanwhile, President Sr. Sarfraz Ghani acknowledged Pakistan’s role in peace in Afghanistan and said that Pakistan and Afghanistan will end terrorism together, a unique written agreement between the two countries is near to determine which has become a workforce. The solution to the Afghan Taliban issue is not possible without Pakistani assistance.

Addressing a ceremony in Kabul, President Karzai said that in order to eliminate terrorism, writing and writing framework between Afghanistan and Pakistan has been fixed, steps have been taken towards the end of terrorism in both countries. When Ashraf Ghani asked to explain the details of the agreement, he said that soon the media will be informed.


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