KARACHI: The trend of sales of online goods on various festivals including Eid is increasing the large number of citizens benefited from the discounted offers offered on online websites to avoid rush and parking problems in the heat and markets.

Large websites selling online products in Pakistan give special discounted offers to the Eid, according to website run-by-website websites, mostly ready-to-wear apparel, make-up, jewelery, gaming devices, for children on the web. Toys, chocolates and gift items, including the clothes, women’s bags, men’s and female personal care products, have increased significantly.

According to online companies, online sales on Eid were 3 times more common than normal days, but according to traders selling this new Air and Black Friede cell, Eid’s purchase has a higher trend of Middle-class and Low Income Classes and Rich class is not active in purchasing Eid, so Eid’s sales are less than New Air and Black Friday.
The online sale of eid preparations started with Ramadan, but the last week’s sales in the last decade, more than 40% from the start of Ramadan, online shopmakers showed special interest in various deals offered by different companies. In deal form, more than one item is bundled and sold on special discount and free delivery is made for purchase over the specified value.

Sales of domestic consumables towels, kitchen products and dining table accessories have also increased significantly on online stores, leading textile companies also introduce online sales and home delivery facilities to facilitate their buyers, for Eid Large brands selling women’s clothing also provided online sales, orders for Eid were received on June 10 so that certain vendors of timely delivery before the order were booked 3 days ago online buyers Customers say that more on-line purchases on Eid should not be reached Buyers are limited to ready-made option, especially if the dog has been color or size enables couples costumes in order to be in accordance with the order of delivery.

So most of the purchases prefer shopping for goods that do not have to face the problem when delayed or not delayed. More than 90% of the online sales price is paid at the time of delivery, the credit card or debit The advance trend of payment is very limited through the card, this month due to intense heat in this month, the ACPs were purchased from online websites.

The leading website has presented a special discounted deal on the Split AC, which includes free delivery and installation facilities with exceptions. Cake-based well-known bakery and courier companies in the evening have also provided cake access to friends, gifts As the tradition of sending flowers and cakes is to promote tradition, many new companies are also coming to the field to benefit from. Various courier and e-commerce companies have also introduced the facility of delivery of mango, manganese companies in the heat. You are also getting big orders.

Shopping deals move to supermarkets and shopping mallski

Small traders expressed satisfaction over the Eid ul-Fitr cell season this year, stating that the main markets of AID’s traditional purchases and location-related markets can not get the attention of the buyers contrary to the expected expectations. Moving from markets and markets to shopping malls.

Traders say that the revenue earning in buyers’ markets in the second half of Ramadan was artificial this year, according to traders according to the traders who have been estimated to be worth Rs 60 billion last season. Economic hyderabad Karachi is a minimum of 100 billion rupees cell seasons.

In this regard, Atiq Mir, chairman of All Karachi Traders ‘Union, said that the prices of white and white people increased due to the increase in the prices of dollars and petrol, due to lack of expense inflation, unemployment and power purchasing the hopes of buyers’ inventors and merchants. The people who were forced to return were forced to restrict the purchase of Eid.

Most of the markets witnessed the depth of window shopping, the most profitable move in commercial centers happened to the traffic police, nine vehicles were taken from the parking lot and the chain of criminals continued to be silver.

The security police made a clue filled with snap checking, and more than 60% of the goods sold for sale in shops did not sell up to 20% in comparison to last year, merchandise was given to the traders and after-the-art workers. Read the lending payment, he said that the reduction in the purchase against the expected expected season of Ramazan-al-Barbar is a mixture of the spring in the spring, encouraging initially looking at markets and intolerant traders. It was positive, but due to lack of power and expensive, the real buyer failed.

According to last year, last year’s Ramadan last year has been against the expectations of business, skinny, cabin, stall and barley became the focal point of class shopping medium and low resources. “In addition to a few big markets, most of the city’s commercial centers are waiting for buyers.

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