KARACHI: The two main types of diabetes are the most important thing to keep the blood sugar levels normal, without which it is not possible to control diabetes.

Diabetes is spreading rapidly in the occupation, and the most commonly asked question of patients is what they can eat. Rice and bread are the essential ingredients of normal diet, therefore patients of the patient are always absorbed in choice of rice or bread.

Which diet and bread can be useful for diabetes patients? The researchers on this question say that the most important thing for sugar patients is the glycemic index of the diet. This is the measure that can help with how the carbohydrates involved in any diet are the ability to convert sugar.
Dietologists say that if a dose of glycemic index is less than 55 it adds less blood sugar, while more than 70 glycemic indexes add more blood sugar. The rice’s glycemic index is 73, which is dangerous to the extent that the glycemic index of bread from gray flour is 52. In such a manner, rice used for wheat flour can be useful for sugar patients.

Experts say it is useful for sticky, diabetes made from hungry flour, but if the basin bread is included in the diet, it will be more profitable than hungry bread.


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