Sochi: The actor ‘Samarak’ was criticized for the criticism of the contemporary, Machi-like defeat in Mexico was declared as ‘Oravating’.

The Brazilian team reached Mexico after defeating the quarter-finals, it is also being named hot-fashion for the title, in the 16-match match, Super Star Footballer Nimar played a major role in the match, not only the first round. The team bypassed the edge but later provided support for the second round, it was declared as the main off the match, but in some of its various occasions during the competition, there was a lot of noise in particular, in the 72th minute Their movements are severely criticized when they fall down by rivals player Maggie Lion, keeping their foot on their infected Ankle. Trpy’s power as they’re shocked, after the referee gave a penalty after Miguel to observe the replay.

First of all, Mexican coach Juan Carlos objectively objected that due to a player lost time, our team has broken. Former Danish footballer Peter Shamshel declared these stories embarrassing.
England’s Elen Sharer tweeted that such activities should end now we have been together. Former French footballer and current actor Eric Kanona said that now more crocodile tears will not work.

On the other hand, Nirmar ignored the objections on herself, she said, “I do not value criticism or appreciation on myself because these things can be very influential on you, that’s why I’ve talked about the media with the last two matches.” No, because I just want to help the team from my game.

Remember that even in the current event in the second event, the seminar had tried to take a penalty by applying a diary.


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