Washington: US refused to license the Chinese mobile company as per the threat to national security.

According to the International News Agency, the Trump Administration refused to license China’s mobile company to buy the United States. The Trump Administration says China can harm the US via communication system, so the license to China’s mobile company has not been issued due to threats facing national security.

The US Department of Commerce, Commerce and Communications, David J. Reedle, said that Chinese mobile company officials failed to address the concerns of US law enforcement agencies and national security, when there was no satisfactory answer on the reservations. When the meeting, the department has proposed not to issue the license to the ministry, which has been accepted.
It is clear that China’s state-owned mobile company had requested the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to acquire license for mobile phones and network licenses seven years ago, but at this time tensions between the two countries And both the countries have imposed huge taxes on each other’s commodities.


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