The value of the dollar in Interbank was Rs 121.60 per cent, the euro dropped 25 paise to 145 and the British pound fell down to 164.5. Karachi (AP) Inter Bank had a steady dollar value, while the value of dollars in the local open currency market I saw a trend.

According to the report of the Forex Association of Pakistan, the price of rupees worth USD in the bank was stable at Rs 121.50 and the sale price was Rs 121.60, but the local open currency market was reduced by 20 paise in the value of dollars. Price exports fell by 124.20 rupees to 124 rupees and the price by Rs 124.70 to Rs 124.50.

According to the report, the value of the euro decreased by 25 paise, the price of euro fell from 143.25 to 143 rupees and the price sales fell from 145.25 to 145 rupees, thus buying British pounds worth 20 pounds 162.70 rupees to Rs 162.50 and the price sold at Rs 164.70 to Rs 164.50.


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