Rizab Tayyip Erdoğan, who ruled Turkey for the last 17 years, was a member of Istanbul when he was a prominent Turkish poet, Zia Goklak, a revolutionary Lord Rakhi, in a publication, in which he was sentenced to trial and sentenced to prison and for years. There was also a ban on the ban on politics. The summary of Lord Raid is: “The mosques are our shades, mosquito slogans are our missile and dome, our tank, while mosques are our clothes.”

Secular military journal can not tolerate these four-dimensional interests, because it had “severely threatened” their created system, “Tayyip Erdoğan, who was out of prison, would have heard it in Rushdie Jalsans, the majority of the Turks swore over it. And Erdoğan kept heading on the head. Due to the fact that he was not Lord Rai, but performance was performed, Tayyip Erdogan pulled the financial bankruptcy victim from Turkey to the fall and collapsed economically, politically in the world’s big powers. Around two decades, Erdoğan is present in the ruling power, but the hunger generals of power do not get any name. There are many lessons to learn for many.

As a result of the presidential election on June 24, 2018, Tayyip Erdoğan won 52.6 percent of the vote and won the first elected president under the political (presidential) system in the round, the second party at Ataturk’s political party The members of the PPP, 30.6 percent, the fifth number of the five candidates, the third candidate, was elected by 8.8 percent, Nationalist Party ‘Hizb utar’ founder, Meral Akarir 7.3 percent, fifth in ‘Saadat Party Tamil Nadu Allah Oghlu earned 0.9 percent and sixty candidates, Daud Brianjak, got 0.2 percent votes.
The defeated Muhamad Anja earned a name in repatriating the most hazardous rivals against Rajab Erdogan and his Justice and Development Party. The second defeat candidate, Meral Aptarar, was a minister in 1996-97, he declared himself to be the fifth party. Generally, they spend half a scarf, but during the recent presidential election campaign, their pictures were common.

In which they look unbelievable, however, they are a fashionist woman with a nationalist ideology. The fourth candidate Salehuddin Demratas got 9.77 percent votes in recent presidential elections, his party got 13 percent votes in general elections in the 2015 elections, he expressed his gratitude and announced that today his party HDP The party is HDP Turkey and Turkey is HDP. Interestingly, in the 2014 presidential election they received 9.77 percent votes. Salhaduddin Demratas is in prison since November 2016.

He was accused of being involved in anti-state activities of separatist Kurds. The fifth candidate was Tamil Kalamullah Oghlu, the Islamic Party was the candidate of Sadat party, before 2001, Tayyip Erdoğan and Karamullah Oghlu Najmuddin were part of the same party led by Arbankan, which was repeatedly banned by Turkish military dictators. It was Arbakan, who achieved great success in every general election, in the ninth decade, he obtained the majority of the Parliament and got the Prime Minister, but the military dictators did not run his government, dismiss them and ban their party. Do it

After which he started struggling by establishing a new party and started struggling, Abi Talib Erdoğan decided to take a political strategy by adopting a different strategy in which he achieved success, but his old colleague struggled against Saddam party’s flame. Are doing Dubrovnik was sixth presidential candidates, arrested in the head of the Left Welfare Party in 2013, involved in a big rebellion against the government, killing three hundred people in this conspiracy against the government, including military officers, journalist And members of Parliament were also included, however, a few months later, Dww Bornjik was released.

Parliamentary elections held on June 24 in the country, including President Tayyip Erdogan’s 53.7 percent, the opposition’s National Alliance 34 percent and the Kurdish Union HDP won 11.7 percent. After the conquest, the Turkish President addressed a big rally, saying that now we will deal with more powerful terrorist groups and extend the role of Turkey in the world.

It is believed that the presidential elections were to be held in November 2019, but Tayy Erdogan announced the unstable elections before consulting the coalition party Mulayat Party, Govt. Due to the timing of elections, Erdogan said: “Syria’s endangered situation was necessary in the Syrian military operations and in the region, particularly in Syria and the historical changes in Iraq. It was necessary to enter the new political system soon so that concrete decisions and steps should be taken about the future. ”

The victory of President Putin Erdoğan has been acknowledged by the Turkish opposition parties, but the anger and disappointment of Western media has to be given. When election results came to an end, the rate of Taylor Erdoğan was 59 percent, at the time, Western media analysts said that this would go down soon, when the rate could be reduced to Western analysis. Open the keys of the car.

The rate of Erdoğan declined further, analysts began to argue that the Erdogan was moving towards failure, but after counting 60 percent of the votes when the Turkish President got the vote reduction, the Harmony Analyst


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