North Carolina: In the form of kidney stones large and old has been emphasized on the use of water and lime for a period of time, and now the scientific fact has proved to be reality.

Scientists have said after the survey, on one hand, the lime prevents the process of becoming a kidney in a kidney kidney, and if the throat is slow, it also slows the growth rate. This liquor has a magical effect in this regard even as American specialist Dr. Roger Sir and Professor of Euro Louisiana, Professor Steven Nouda Lemman, is considered to be the most effective drug in water.

The reason for this is that in the lime, there is a high amount of stroke acid than all the fruit and it improves the acidity of acid kidneys. This process is now being called lymph therapy. On the other hand, as a patient patient is given potassium citrate, but it has a very small effect on the lime.
According to the latest report, 12 patients of thirsty patients at the Kidney Ston Center in Duke University, Dhamam, spent four years of treatment of lemon water for four years, and their kidneys became sliced. All these 12 people did not need any medical emergency and treatment due to the Patil during four years.


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