The World Cup champion proved to be the first round guest in the World Cup 80 years later in its history, although the French team was in the 2010 edition despite being champion in 1998 before its history in its 2018 football World Cup. The first stage was out, as well as 2006 champion Italy was not able to move ahead of the first round in the 2010 edition.

In the 48-match match match, the championship champion, in addition to Germany, was scored by the Iceland squad in Euro 2016, after 36 years, all African Africa teams were also limited to the first round, Senegal’s holiday For the region’s football disappointments, African teams have the first chance since 1982 when none of Africa’s teams crossed the first round.

Even 36 years ago, Afridi had returned to the World Cup in Spain in the World Cup, although it was shown in the famous cup in the famous stars such as Mohammad Saleh (Egypt) and the Video Mini (Senegal), the three World Cup Didier Drugba, representing Ivory Coast, said on the situation that the Russian event is a big blow to the African teams, we have to review our strategy again to succeed in the big events of this kind.
Drugba also requested a request for better education and planning to help the European teams in future events. Earlier, Egypt, Morocco and Athens were out of the trophy race before their third group matches.

Nigeria’s quarantine team thrown back, while Senegal’s team went out after a collapse in the closing group match from Colombia. Afridi gets 3 wickets in his overall 15 matches. Earlier, three African teams have reached World Cup quarter-finals, Cameron 1990, Senegal, 2002 and Ghana reached the stage in 2010. It is clear that in 2026 the number of teams will be increased from 32 to 48, after which the number of African teams will also increase from 5 to 9.

The four-star former champion Italy did not make a place in the World Cup this time. Similarly, the runner up of 2010 runs Netherlands. The German team also came to Russia by honoring the honor of defense, but it had to return to the country with empty eyes, empty eyes. Russia’s astonishing match was reviewed in a surprise match with Saudi Arabia 5-0 Hitler surprised the critics, the host team did not score it, but in the second match, the Egyptian team beat them 3-1 in their hands, in the same way as Uruguay expected Egypt 1-0 and then Saudi Arabia Russia’s first tough test match was held in Uruguay in the group, however, it delivers hostilities of host audience somewhat, and the former South American exit The lead champion side won the top 3-0 in the group ‘A’ by winning the competition, Russia also made a place in the pre-quarter final.

Spain and Portugal traveled from Group ‘B’, Iran and Morocco teams returned to homes, Iran successfully opened a 1-0 against Morocco, Portugal and Spain’s first match was reduced to 3-3. Ronaldo stirred his global reputation by hitting the hat truck, Portugal scored 1-0 with Morocco and equaled with 1-1 against Iran, Spain defeated 1-0 with Iran while 2-0 against Morocco France and Denmark succeeded in the group ‘C’, Peru and Peru traveled to the first round for the first round. Denmark played matches equal to Australia and France, while 3 full points against Peru were able to move ahead. Argentina included in the group ‘D’ made a place in the fall-in-the-pre-quarter final, with its first match of the match. However, the two-time champion continued to go ahead with 2-1 in the final pool match against Nigeria, a 2-1 defeat defeat against Ireland in the next round.

From Group ‘E’, Brazil and Switzerland reached the pre-quarter final. The story of Serbia and Costa Rica ended. Brazil and Switzerland’s mutual match was 1-1, while 5-time World champion Brazil set Costa Rica 2-0 and Serbia to the same margin. Swingen and Mexico continued to travel to the title in ‘F’ . The defending champion in this group, Germany, had to leave empty handed after defeat. Germany suffered a 1-0 defeat in Mexico’s opening competition, with a 1-0 victory over Sweden. The 2-1 victory against Sodden brightened the expectations of German fans, but defeated 2-0 in South Korea’s closing match. Take Doby, in the closing of the group, Sudan dominates Mexico with 3-0 to close all the way to the German team’s return.

From Group ‘G’, Belgium and England made a place in the nose. Belgian opened a 3-0 account against Panama. England got 2-1 on Tunisia. In the second round, Belgium blamed for 5-2 on Tunisia, but England practiced Panama 6-1 in a row. In this competition, England captain Harry finished the date of action by performing heat truck. The group ‘H’ Columbia and Japan stepped forward in the next round. Colombia beat Japan 2-1 and Poland 3-3. The margin of his victory against Senegal just 1-0. The sequences of Senegal and Japan were at the same level of 4.4, but the Japanese team reached the next round by the FIFA-based Fairplay law.

This time the video is avoided by FIFA to avoid wrong decisions


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